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"We are all born alone and die alone. We are loners wandering in the transmigration of the 6 realms of existence. Our destinies being dictated by our karmic force. When we bid farewell to this world in the final moments, none of our family members or relatives or friends can depart with us.

Very soon, we will all be forgotten, not even a trace.. Nobody will remember us, just like our great, grand, grand father's name we have already forgotten.

Our life is so short. Everything we try to get with our best efforts , will soon be a memory. Nobody will remember what we did... Forgotten , forever in the externality.

We cannot be born or die with others nor can they share our pains and illnesses.

Who was I before my parents bore me? Don't tell me, we were born just for this, living only for 80, 90 years, Some people only live 10 , 20 or 30 years, getting all their efforts to reach , what we want , becoming a successful entrepreneur, and a good investor, or a successful author, a famous star, a famous cook, a famous badminton champion, or a world no. 1 runner. Earning lots of $ money,...Nobody can remember us. Therefore we have to find out , why and what is our purpose in life !

Contemplating this deeply, we realize that our life is a solitary journey. Very soon, we will all be forgotten, not even a trace. Nobody will remember us, just like our grand, grand father's name we have forgotten.

Since I wrote the famous book as you all can see, it has been more than 20 years it has been No. 1, many things have happened. From the time in 1982 when I first met my Master ( Master Hsuan Hua ), I remembered very clearly when I first met him, I was awed by what I heard and read on his life. I believed in him. I went to the United States, in 1982 and become his disciple.

Everyday I would chant 'Namo Amitofo' every day... Sometimes I would chant 'Namo Kuan Shih Yin Pusat'..I heard that Ta Bei Zhou was very good , so I would just chant them until I remember all by heart. But actually do not know why? ( Actually I was English educated, so I don't understand but I just chant....)

I went back home and every day I would chant the 'Ta Bei Zhou' and also printed a lot of ' Ta Bei Zhou'

Booklets, thousands of copies, and find donors..I still do not why except that it could bring us blessing!

Later in 2010, I got a "stroke"...

And could not speak well and at that time, my belief was shaken, I stopped putting all the Buddhas statue and kept them in my store , never bothered to chant or pray for many years.

Until in 2015...I start to read the book one more time! Then in 2016...I read again, 2017 , my friend ,Mr Lau Teck Hock has come back to see his mother. At that time, since I have nothing better to do. I went with him, to see his mother, in Jementha, near Segamat, Johore. Then I start Chanting 'Namo Amitofo' again.

I began ask him the question of Amitofo...And in 2018, 2019, 2020 that was the year when Lau Teck Hock came back...And his mother pass away, and later just after he left for the States again. In April 2020 ,my mum also pass away.

And we have the Pandemic .By then 2021, and more reading of Sutra and Shastra...I began to know the reason why I was here in the first place...

The reason is to do with life & death...

Suddenly in April ,2021.. Suddenly, I got a message on my WhatsApp.. from Lau Teck Hock, this time it was about the Dharma-Door? Suddenly I realize


...." Unless you know the road ( Dharma-Door) , you may practice forever, but will never arrive at Buddhahood. "

Master Hsuan Hua.


How did Amitabha Buddha and the Land of Ultimate Bliss come about. Countless kalpas ago, Lokesvararaja Buddha appeared in the world. A king heard him teach the Dharma and aspired to become a monk. His Dharma name was Bhikku Dharmakara. After hearing Lokesvararaja Buddha's teaching, Bhikku Dharmakara observed that sentient beings were incapable of escaping the bitter sea of reincarnation He resolved to establish a Pure Land where beings can be reborn and attain Buddhahood in one lifetime. After 5 kalpas of reflection, he made 48 great vows. Then he cultivated and accumulated incalculable virtuous Bodhisattva practices over countless eons. When he perfected all merit and practices 10 kalpas ago, he fulfilled his vows, achieved Buddhahood and established the splendorous Land of Ultimate Ultimate Bliss.


What would you do after you have climbed up to the top of the mountain?? What is your next step???

Suppose we have a worm, born inside a stalk of Bamboo. To escape, it can take the "hard way" or the "Hard path" like meditating, vipassana etc , all kinds of methods and expedient means. And crawl all the way to the top of the stalk. Alternately, it can take the "easy path" by poking a hole near the current location and escape, just like sentient beings seek rebirth in the Pure Land.

The Dharma-Door is like a mysterious gate, whereby we can enter to the Pure Land by just reciting the Buddha's name.

Yes, by just reciting Namo Amitofo... Namo Amitofo ....

Namo Amitofo...

We can go to the Pure Land.

Why is this so special, because when we chant the name, it get rid of other things in our mind, finally our mind will be filled with "the Buddha", it can get rid of false thoughts and attachments...Our mind will be really 'Pure'.

The Pure Land teaching of horizontal transcendence (escape) which is the sudden practice and sudden realization is quite interesting. We only have to recite the Buddha's name and ascend directly to the level where we do not fall back ( non-retrogression) from the path to Enlightenment.

We just need to recite the Buddha's name.

Vertically, it intermingles with all Buddhist teachings, horizontally it stands apart from them.

It's the "easy path" compare to the " difficult path ".

It doesn't matter whether your mind is scattered or concentrated, it is said " when the clear pearl is thrown in muddy water , the muddy water becomes clean. When the Buddha's name enters the confused mind, the confused mind attains Bodhi (Enlightenment).

This shows that Buddha Recitation is inconceivable.


The story of 2 monks

Disciple : Master, does the Pure Land exists?

Master : Does this world exists?

Disciple : Of course it does, Master.

Master : If this world exists, then the Pure Land exists all the more.

(344 - 413)
“Everything is made from the “true” mind alone”
The world we are living in now is all an illusion It’s temporary, everything is False. The real world is the Pure Land

The original meaning of Enlightenment is to end the cycle
of Birth & Death.

Pure Land
Dharma-Ending age
‘Namo Amitofo’
(The Dharma-Door is the mysterious gate of Reciting the Buddha’s name)
(Always consciousness)
8th consciousness
7th consciousness
6th consciousness
False mind
True mind
Money False you

Your TRUE mind is neither right nor wrong, true or false. In your TRUE mind there are no thoughts of good or evil.
No production or extinction.

(Love attachment is the root of Birth and Death / Greed and grasping at everything
in this world )

Unless you rid yourself of SEXUAL DESIRE, you will never get out of the Triple world; the world of desire, the world of form, and the formless world (HEAVENS).
Master Hsuan Hua

Pure Land is a short cut for attaining the Way. Within Pure Land, holding the Buddha's name is the short cut.

Buddha Sakyamuni once sighed, "In the Dharma-Ending Age, my disciples will always chase after External dharma, very few will pay
attention to the major question of Birth and Death."

The real intention of the Buddha is that, through Buddha Recitation method, sentient beings may realize and escape from suffering
of Birth and Death that can be effected in one life time ( In this very life or when we "pass away")

The Pure Land is the profound gate way to the depth of our Buddha-nature, that it is the 'Guaranteed boat' to escape Birth and Death.

This is analogous to a person who floats downstream in a boat, although the distance may be thousands of miles, his destination will be reached in no time.

The "easy path" of cultivation means that if sentient beings in this world believe in the Buddha's words, practice Buddha's Recitation and Vow to be reborn in the Pure Land, they are assisted by the Buddha's vow power (THE OTHER POWER, fundamental vow, the 18th vow of his 48 vows) and assured of rebirth.

I vow that this time I will go the Pure Land.

The story of 3 famous Bodhisattvas : Asanga, Vasubandu and Simhabhadra

(300 -- 370)
(320 -- 400)

At first ,these 3 friends were of one accord and had the same goal to study and practice Idealistic contemplation and to reborn into the inner court of Tushita heaven and to reborn into the inner court of Tushita heaven and to see Bodhisattva Maitreya, the future Buddha.

They agreed among themselves that if one of them reached that heaven, he would come back to inform the other two. Later Samhabhadra passed away. 3 years elapsed, and he did not return.

After 3 more years, Vasubandhu was about to pass away, and Asanga was on his death bed.

"After you see Maitreya in heaven, by all means, come back and let me know. " Asanga pleaded with him.

Vasubandhu (In a dream) however, did return 3 years after his death. Asanga asked him, "Why did it take so long for you to come back? "

Vasubandu replied, "I arrived at the inner court of Tushita heaven, sat there to listen to a surmon preached by Maitreya, then made 3 genuflations took one lap of circumanbulation and rushed back. Because the days and nights are much longer than here, only a short time elapsed there while 3 years passed here in this world."

" Where is Samhabhadra? Why did he not notify us as agreed?" Asanga asked.

Vasubandhu replied, " He ascended to heaven. As he passed by the outer court of Tushita , he was caught and bound by the 5 desires before entering the inner court. He had not yet seen Maitreya until then."

Having heard this, Asanga realized the great danger of rebirth in heaven. He made a NEW VOW that he wish to be reborn NOT in heaven, but in the Western Paradise ( Pure Land).

Amitabha Buddha, Sakyamuni Buddha,
Medicine Buddha

10 Realms Gods, Asuras, Humans, Ghosts, Hell-beings, Animals. Arhats, Pratyekabuddhas, Bodhisattvas, Buddhas

"Sentient beings reincarnate in the Six Realms like a wheel, for millions or billions of years, having neither beginning nor end."

The ancients have a saying:

"We see others die, and our hearts ache. We ache not because others die, but because soon it will be our turn!"

Shakyamuni Buddha can transform himself to appear in any one of the Ten Dharma Realms. That is, he can become a Buddha, a Bodhisattva, a Pratyeka Buddha, an Arhat, a god, an asura, human, hell-being, hungry ghost or an animal.
Master Hsuan Hua

Billi at the construction of the Dharmakaya in Thailand.

If you really understand the Buddhadharma, you will respect not just your relatives and friends, but everyone, even people whom you don't know - even animals!
Master Hsuan Hua

Being mindful of the Buddha is just being mindful of all Buddhas.

Being born in the Western Pure Land is just being born in all Buddha Lands.

If there is belief in spirits, they EXIST, and if there is not, they EXIST nevertheless.
It is NOT TRUE that such things EXIST only if people BELIEVE in them.

"Buddhism is not only can fix the slant of science, but BUDDHISM CONTAIN SCIENCE while science CANNOT contain Buddhism."
Master Hsuan Hua

The Middle Way

The Buddha said; “Those who follow the Way are like pieces of wood in the water which are borne on the currents, not touching either shores, and which not picked up by people, not intercepted by ghost or spirits, not caught up in whirlpools, and which in do not rot. I guarantee that these pieces of wood will certainly reach the sea.”

Dharma Master Hsuan Tsang
(602 -- 664)

The person who walk all the way from China, Xi an, to India and back. He brought back many scriptures including the Sutra on Buddha speaks of Amitabha.

This is the monk who is famous for the "Journey to the West" Movie.

During his journey, he met a shabbily dressed monk, he was meditating, then he woke him up, by using the bowl that he is using. The monk woke up. He then ask him what he was doing. The monk said, he was waiting for the Buddha to be born! My friend, your Buddha has gone into Nirvana already. Then he said, in that case I will wait for the next Buddha. As he was about to go into deep meditation, Hsuan Tsang asked him, since I am going to India to get the scriptures of the Buddha, you can help me to spread the Dharma. The man then agreed.

Then he "died" and went to be reborn in China.

His name was K'uei Chi, and he was reborn as the son of Emperor Tai Tsung war minister's (Yu Chih-kung) elder brother. He was known as the 3 carts Patriarch because when he was ordered to leave home, these were his conditions. The 1st cart was filled with wine, the 2nd cart was filled with meat, while the 3rd cart was filled with beautiful women.

The Emperor accompanied him to the Ta Hsing Shan Monastery to leave home, behind them was the 3 carts. The Monastery, then strike the bell, then K'uei Chi "Woke" up and said, "The 3 carts can go back, I don't even want any one of them."

Sakyamuni Buddha, ( Soon after he got enlightenment said this.)

" Strange , strange , strange indeed. All living beings have the Buddha nature. All can become Buddhas.It is simply because of false thinking and attachment that they do not give proof to it.

"With both Dhyana (Chan) and the Pure Land.
One is like a tiger with horns;
In the present age a teacher of men.
In the future a Buddhist Patriarch.
With Dhyana but without the Pure Land.
9 out of 10 will take the wrong road.
Without Dhyana and with only Pure Land.
If 10,000 practice, 10,000 will go."
Master Hsuan Hua

Dharma Master Kuei Chi
(632 --- 682)

Yin Guang, the 13th Patriarch of the Pure Land school said. “It is easier to go to the Pure Land than to go to heaven”

Master Yin-Kuang (1862-1940)

Master Yin Kuang said, "Get rid of self-power and embrace the Buddha's

To get rid of self-power" means abandoning our persistence in pursuing liberation from the cycle of reincarnation through reliance on our own ability.

This is to "rely EXCLUSIVELY on Buddha power."

The goal is no different from that of the Sacred Path, which requires difficult, ascetic practices over countless lifetimes to cultivate precepts, meditative concentration and wisdom.

That is why the Pure Land path "embraces all three kinds of capabilities, highly smart and benefit the average and the dull."

Pure Land is the only school where ordinary people can obtain liberation by simply practicing Namo Amitofo...And make a vow to go to the Pure Land.

We also have the example of Zen Master Hsu Yun (1840-1959), a high ranking monk. He was recognized by all as a transcendentally enlightened Master. However, whenever he was in the Zen hall, he would preach meditation; in a Buddha Recitation hall, would urge followers to recite the Buddha's name. Not only did he not oppose the Pure Land School, he even spoke highly of it.

Buddha Recitation ecompasses all 4 methods.

It is because when reciting the Buddha's name, we rid ourselves of all delusions and attachments, which is Zen. The sacred words "Amitabh Buddha" contain innumerable sublime meanings, hidden in and springing forth from those words, which is the sutra studies School.

Reciting the Buddha's name to a deep level purifies and stills the 3 Karma (of Mind, Mouth and Body), which is the Discipline School. The words "Amitabh Buddha" have the same effect as a mantra, eliminating injustices and wrongs, severing evil karma, granting wishes and subduing "demons". This is the Esoteric School.

Master Hsu Yun and Master Hsuan Hua

The Bodhi Mind Vow is important the vow for Rebirth in the Pure Land. Without the Bodhi Mind Vow, all our practices in Buddhism are demonic and in vain, as mentioned in the Flower Adornment Sutra.

Rebirth in the Pure Land facilitates and guarantees your attainment of Buddahood.


In Mahayana thinking, cause, effect, karmas... Are all phenomena and are intrinsically empty and devoid of true nature. Therefore, they are infinitely subject to change.

For e.g, if you place a huge block of stone on a boat, because of the 'strength' of the boat, the stone does not sink and can be carried to the other shore. Without the boat, even if you place but a single grain of sand on the surface of water, it will sink to the bottom of the river.

The boat represents the Vow power of Reciting the Buddha's name. The stone is the Karma, no matter how heavy.

Only with such singleminded practie can each utterance erase "80,000 MILLION EONS of heavy transgressions" Otherwise KARMIC obstructions are difficult to eradicate.

Invocation of Kuan Tse Yin Pusat name forms another cause which will right away offset the previous Karma. We know, for example, that if there is a dark, heavy cloud above, the chances are that it will rain. But we also know that if a strong wind should blow, the cloud will be carried away somewhere else and we will not feel the rain Similarly, the addition of one big factor can alter the whole course of Karma.

Liao Fan, a Chinese official during the Ming Dynasty was told that the Taoist monk sumamed Kong that he would only live to the age of 53 and have no son. At first, that the disregarded the Kong's words farcical nonsense, but as Kong's other predictions began to occur with great accuracy, he then proactively made an effort to rewrite his fate. In relating his own life experience in changing destiny, Liao Fan, at the age of 69, wrote and taught these 4 lesson to his son.

In other words, he change his destiny by changing his KARMA!

The true beginning of people in this world. The first people on earth were actually heavenly being that came down from the Great Brahma Heaven. This happened in the past, when fire of the kalpa raged over the earth until had destroyed all signs of people. Afterword there began a barren period which extended for one knows not how long. And then, one day, some heavenly beings flew down from Brahma Heaven and alighted on earth By this time, the earth was covered with a special something that looked quite good. They picked some and found it to be fragrant as well. So they ate it. Once they ate this "fat of the land they could no longer fly. They could not mount the clouds and drive.

You should take refuge with YOUR OWN Buddha, not with some other Buddha If you do not take refuge with the Buddha in YOURSELF there is no one you can rely on The Sixth Patriarch
Hui Neng

The secret meaning of the lotus flower.
Nothing is more spiritual than the lotus — it experiences immaculate conception every single day.
It’s a perfect analogy for human
Even when its roots are in the dirtiest
water and mud, it submerges every
night into river water and
miraculously re-bloom the next
morning, sparkling clean.
Every part of the lotus is eatable.
In many cultures, this process
associates the flower with rebirth and
spiritual enlightenment.

Pure Land

A modern LIFT