The other side of the success story with Billi Lim

J.C. Bannerman( Author )

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    Mr. Billi Lim

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    Mr. Billi Lim, the author of the No.1 best – seller “Dare To Fail” was born into a large family of 14. His days as a teenager, student and later in business have been checkered with lots of failures. He failed to get into the local university in his first attempt. He would have been rejected again in his second attempt had he not held a state bursary. He has failed a few times in his love life and has gone through an emotional ‘hell’.

    He has built businesses to great heights and seen them crashing down.His business experiences range from direct-selling / MLM, General Insurance to supermarket and retail outlet trading , TV response marketing and TV Placement-advertisement business . From almost being an obscure person and totally knowing next to nothing about the book business, he could write, publish and launch a book which became the No. 1 best seller in the region.