From Failure to Success

Failed again?

Do you know that in the library of congress, USA, there are 1200 books on success but only 16 about losing or failure?

"How to really succeed when you have failed!"

"To learn from our failure is to achieve success. Never to have failed is never to have won. Unless we experience failure and its bitterness, we will never appreciate the sweetness of victory."

"Everybody trips once in a while. It's whether you bounce back that counts. People who stop after one failure are actually being unfair to themselves. They are actually saying that life is made up of only one single event, if you can't make it, that's it."

"My brother came to your seminar in Jakarta and was amazed with your speaking that can motivate with fun, humour and lots of common sense. The seminar really encourage him to take the first step and he ended up starting a new business venture not long after he attend the seminar."

Sukarto, Managing Director

"You have picked upon a winning seminar. Billi has teaching materials that every KiaSu Singaporean can benefit from. Billi has conducted 3 seminars for our distributors and dealers. One seminar was in Japan for an audience of 80. Billi has helped our trading partners remove the element of fear in this present days where business and life itself are so challenging. Let me know when you have lined it up, I have a lot of people that I will encourage to participate. My son will be one of them."

Peter Lim
Executive Director
Bombardier Motor Corporation Of America

"The 'Dare To Fail' presentation was one that our members and guests will long remember. You offered a unique insight on the financial crisis in Asia and gave our members a different perspective on how to view it as a 'blessing' instead of a 'dilemma.'"

Richard Hoon
Young Entrepreneur Organization
Humana International (Asia) Pte Ltd

"I was very pleased with your ability to adapt your presentation to be consistent with our key messages you then delivered the message in a style which was very appropriate for our audience."

Jose Lopez
Managing Director
Nestle (Malaysia) Bhd

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